Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thunks


1. Have you ever pooped in the woods?

Not pooped, no. I have a thing about pooping out of my house.

2. You are starving. You have not had anything to eat for days. In front of you is poison ivy, a live hissing cockroach, and a rotten stinky piece of some sort of mystery meat to eat. Which would you pick and why?

I would continue to starve. If you follow my blogs you will know I don't like eating green things, so the poison ivy and rotten, stinky mystery meat is out. As for the hissing cockroach, if my food talks back to me, then it will not become "my food".

3. Bottled or Tap water?

I dislike water. If I have to drink it it usually is tap water. Unless it is flavored bottled water. But only if it is cold. I can't drink water if it is room temperature.

4. Your dream job, what would it be and why?

Anything I can do from the comfort of my home would be good. Writing would be good. I use to write a lot when I was in school. But I never let anyone read what I wrote. I have a major fear of rejection.

5. Do you have any snow globes?

I have 3 or 4 Christmas snow globes. I seem to be starting a collection of them.

6. Do you like your bed? If not, what kind of bed do you want?

For the most part I do. We have a Sleep Number Bed with an adjustable base (like a hospital bed). Unfortunately at the moment we can't get our controller to work so can't adjust the firmness at all. The one thing I don't like is it is too small. We used to have a king size sleep number bed. But when Jaime was little she took to crawling in bed with us at night. It got to the point that we wouldn't even know it. We'd wake up and there she would be between us. So we decided to end that we would get a smaller bed. Now I want my bigger bed back. I am tired of getting an elbow in my face at night.

Remember to check back throughout the day to see who all has played and go and see how they answered these off the wall Thursday Thunk questions! Be nice... let them know you stopped by.

Go play! Now!


Kittilicious said...

another in-house-only pooper! Yeaaaa!!!!

Amber said...

you #1's puzzle me. Heehee@continuing to starve, probably the smartest choice. I don't like cold water, I prefer my water room temp, but that's cause I drink a fair amount of it.
So you're telling me that if I got a smaller bed it wouldn't work to keep my kids out of it? That sux...guess I should strike that bed off my Christmas wish-list.
Happy Thursday!

Kimber said...

LOL Jen! Love the answers!

Shan said...

I would LOVE a bed where I couldn't notice a child getting into it. hehe

Jen said...

No no the smaller bed DID help keep the kids out of it. The elbows that hit me now are from my hubby!

ღ pinaymama ღ said...

been here...I've enjoyed your answer! I have the same case too! Can't poop and need to wait couple of days to let my body used to the new environment before I!

Amber said...

Well, I don't think I'd have that problem then, cause we got a smaller bed when we moved across the country, and now my husband has been conditions to scoot away whenever he feels a little hand on him, so he usually huddle on the edge someplace. It can't be comfy, but the two boys and I are bed hoggers, and I'm the dominant one... :oD

Kimber said...

Jen, I nominated your blog for a couple awards at my blog. Go see! :)

Kittilicious said...

oh Miss Jen... there's an award for you over at my blog!