Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's, it's Thursday

For me it's Monday but for the rest of the world it's Thursday. I am sitting here watching hockey, Wild vs. Canucks!! I absolutely LOVE hockey. I have only missed watching 1 game this season because I had to work. Sadly I will more then likely miss the game this Saturday as well. Everyone pray for a slow night so I don't have to stay until 9! All I want for Christmas is a Wild Jersey!

I just realized it had been a week since my last blog entry. I am a little annoyed and going to vent for a second. John and the 2 younger girls wet down to Florida from the 13th to the 18th. It was a school field trip to watch the last night time shuttle launch to space. Seeing as they go to an Aerospace Magnate school it is pretty fitting yes? Well apparently our Principal's boss doesn't think so and the principal's job is on the line. He was told that this was the "most frivolous trip he has ever done".

Can someone explain to me how witnessing, IN PERSON, a shuttle launch is frivolous and not educational seeing as they go to an aerospace school? They witnessed history! It was the last night time launch they will do. One of the astronauts that went up is from St. Paul and has been to the girls school many times as well as many other astronauts. She even got them tickets to the closer observation area which is only 7 miles from the launch pad. They went to a bunch of different museums, a planetarium, the aerospace hall of fame. How is that all frivolous??

Why do they want to take a job away from a man who wants nothing more then to give the kids in his care the best possible education he can. He has made that school one of the best in the district. Every year his school's test scores continue to go up instead of down. So what if he always wants to do things that other schools don't. So what if he always wants more. When the school board sees him coming they cringe wondering what he is going to ask for next. I wish MORE principals were like him. Amelia came home from this trip and said she has decided she wants to be a mechanical engineer. How could a trip that gets my bohemian little girl to decide THAT is what she wants to do be "frivolous"??? Jackasses!!!!

Ok trying to get this finished up before the 2nd period starts...

While having half my family gone on this trip I realized just how grown my kids are getting and how safe my husband makes me feel. I missed my kids something fierce, but then I didn't at the same time. I think I needed the break from always being the mom ya know? Paige was here with me but she is old enough that she doesn't depend on me for the things the other two do. I was getting so wrapped up in being their mom, having them gone made me realize I am my own person too.

There was one night that Paige spent the night at a friend's. I am almost 3*cough*4 and that was the first night in my life that I had spent all by myself with no one else in the house. It was a big accomplishment for me. I was very tempted (and invited) to spend the night at my friend's house. But it was important to me to do it on my own. Not something I want to do regularly though lol. But I made it through and did actually sleep. I also became aware of how secure John makes me feel. Even when he isn't physically here. I know that if I need him all I have to do is call him and he will do whatever he can. But it's different when he's on the other side of the country. I didn't feel like I could take a deep breath until I saw him again. It wasn't that I needed him to do things for me. I just needed him. So this trip was not only a learning experience for John and the girls but for me as well.

Kimber and Berleen have both given me an award last week. As soon as I figure out how to get them over there on the side I will. Thanks you guys!!

Now period 2 is starting so I am going back to watching my Hockey!

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