Thursday, July 31, 2008

A New Chapter

So. This is my blog. I have no clue what the future of my blog holds. We will figure it out together.

After living in the same city my whole life we recently (as in YESTERDAY) moved. Granted it is only about 5 miles from our old house but it is a different city. At the closing this morning I almost wrote the OLD address down lol. OOPS. I am putting off unpacking so thought this would take up a good chunk of time. SO here I am. Seemed kind of fitting to get a new house after 14 years and starting something new I have never done before.

I will warn you now I tend to ramble at times. And I have even been known to interrupt myself at times. There you are. My first blog. Short and rather pointless. A lot like most thoughts in my head lol.