Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just doing my job

I have always told my girls that it is not my job to make them like me. It is my job to prepare them to be the best adults they could be. Having my oldest go away to college has been a bittersweet thing. We were just getting into a very nice place in our relationship. And she was leaving.

To say I don't deal well with change is a gross understatement. I was excited for her to start the next chapter of her life. To continue to grow into the wonderful lady I can see her becoming. To learn the things that only she can learn on her own. But on the other hand, this is my baby that has been a part of my daily life for half my life.

Her absence has knocked me off kilter a little bit. Now I am learning a new way of life. I get a flutter in my heart whenever she calls me and (thanks to the wonders of technology) I see her face on my phone. When I see in my Facebook notifications that she has posted something or replied to something, it is always the first thing I click on. Just to feel that tiny connection with her for just that tiny moment in time. It always puts a smile on my face when I pick up my phone and hear "Hey Momma!".

But on the other side I am learning more about Amelia and Jaime as well. And I am really falling in love with my children all over again. All 3 of them.

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