Saturday, October 18, 2008

If I didn't have bad luck I'd really be screwed!

Wednesday night Paige had 2 friends from school sleep over and 2 other friends that came over just for the afternoon. It was MEA weekend (Teacher meetings) so they had Thur and Fri off school. Bubba and I were trying to figure out what to make for dinner that would feed all these kids (plus we had our 3) and finally decided on Spaghetti and Meatballs. Bubba went to the store and got everything. All was fine and dandy. Meatballs were baking in the oven, noodles were boiling away in the pot.

John was on his computer in the dining room, I was on my computer in the living room and all the sudden we both heard weird beeps coming from the oven. We met in the kitchen in front of our lovely stove and it has turned itself off and is flashing F3. What the hell! We looked through all the books that came with the oven and they don't help one bit. I searched for an hour on Google and found all sorts of people with the same question but no real answers. The issue is it's a 20 year old electric built in oven. Thank goodness for pre-cooked frozen meatballs.

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One of Jaime's nurses called last week to make the appointment to have Jaime's implant replaced. I guess I should tell you Jaime was the first one at St. Paul Children's to get the implant last Dec. There was only 1 doctor who could insert it and he was at Minneapolis Children's. So when she had it done it was with Nitrous as a Short Stay Surgery and the room was full of a bunch of other Doctors and Nurses all learning how to do it. The goal was to teach other people how to do it so they could be done as clinic visits rather then Short Stay.

Call #1 consisted of her telling me that one of the Drs at the Endocrinology Clinic does them now there in the clinic. But they really wanted the same Dr who did the original one to replace it. Which means going back to Mpls. Fine, I don't care.

Call #2 started with the nurse telling me the day and time she had set it up for and that the Surgeon who first inserted it now does them in his office as well. She said "What they do is use a little EMLA Cream (Lidocaine cream) on the skin to numb it and then give just a couple little Lidocaine shots." I said No no no!!! I think I actually cut her off. I said "I think it is in her chart that she doesn't do well with shots at all," at which point she cut me off and said "And that's why we went with the implant rather then the shots every 4 weeks right?". I said that was correct but that Jaime has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of it and will FLIP out if she has to get one shot let alone "2 little" ones. At that point the nurse sighed and said "Ok so we have to use Nitrous". Then I think she was trying to persuade me otherwise by saying that it would mean Short Stay Surgery rather then a clinic visit and that she would have to call and cancel the first appt and call someone else to schedule the surgery. I replied very cheerfully "That's fine with me!".

Call #3 started off with her saying our insurance wouldn't pre-approve the implant (my stomach jumped up to my throat at that point) prior to the 12 month anniversary of the original insertion date. She said she called the drug rep who said it does still secrete the hormone for a few days so Jaime would be fine going a few days after she was supposed to. So we now have the appointment made for Jaime to get a new $42,000 piece of plastic that is 3 quarters of an inch long inserted under her skin in her arm.

I must remember to work with her this coming year on shots and see if we can avoid all this hassle next year when it needs to be replaced again.

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My mom was over the other night and was telling us how she just had to spend $500 getting her front brakes fixed. And then asked John if he would do her brakes when he replaced her shocks as well. I actually waved my finger in front of my mom's face and said "He is NOT fixing your truck before he fixes MINE!". I told her I have a shock that is not connected to anything and it is in the front! And my brakes have been squealing for a while and I have a rip in one of my power steering hoses and my turn signal needs to be fixed (when I turn left it doesn't shut off on it's own). I have been waiting a year to get some of those things fixed so he isn't doing ANYthing to your truck to he at least fixes my shock and power steering line. To which my mom laughed. Yeah, I'm not laughing.

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I have really been missing Jiji lately. I know Sacha has been missing him too. She has never be the only cat before. I can tell she is depressed and unhappy. She really needs a new friend. We keep talking about getting a new kitty. But then reality hits and we figure we have to do things like actually buy this house STILL, buy a new stove, fix my truck, buy food. Ya know, important things. Which would be easier to do if my pay check would go in the bank already!! What good is direct deposit if it isn't deposited when it's supposed to be. So much for midnight thursday night.

There. I have gotten all my gripes out. Hopefully I can relax a little and enjoy the rest of my weekend. Tonight I get to hear my friend's band for the first time! I'm excited. Although he doesn't know that we might be a few minutes late depending on how long the hockey games go. But he is one of the few people who understands my Hockey addiction so it's all good. I just hopes he understands how my hockey addiction might get his wife there late too since we are picking her up LOL.

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