Friday, October 31, 2008

I totally get why mother's eat their young in the wild

I just had the mother of all hissy fits come from not the teenager but the 7 year old. Jaime has been saying all week that their class is having a Halloween Party today and that she could bring her costume to school. I never said yes or no to that. Never got any notification of this from her teacher. So all I have is Jaime's word which isn't always reliable. So this morning I told the girls to get their shoes on. A few minutes later I told them to get their sweaters on. Then I went down and shut off the tv and said "Ok let's go". Jaime says "Now can I ask you if I can bring my costume to school?". (I told her yesterday to stop asking me) I said no because I didn't want it to get wrecked. It has a wire around the bottom of the skirt so it bells out. I knew if she brought it that wire would get all bent out of shape.

So she proceeds to stand there with her sweater half on/half off. Amelia has gone out to the car already and we have to go. Jaime is not moving. She's standing at the top of the stairs crying and not doing anything. I told her she could bring the headband/crown thing to school with her so she would at least have something. She just stands there and stares and cries. She answered everything I said with "NO!". I finally start counting. They all know once the counting begins they are done for. She yells "FINE!!!!" at me and stomps down the stairs. She whips open the closet where her costume is is starts yanking on things "I'll take the headband!". I get it for her so she doesn't rip anything with her yanking. She throws the door open and goes out to the car leaving the door standing wide open.

15 minutes later their bus comes. Amelia gives me a kiss, says "Have a good day mom" and gets out of the car and on the bus. Jaime is still sitting buckled in her seat. "Jaime Lucille you need to get out of this car right now. The bus is not going to wait for you." "I don't want to". What felt like forever but was probably 45 seconds we sat there with her saying "I don't want to" every time I said anything. Finally I start counting again. FINE!!! and she rips off her seatbelt, grabs her back pack and whips the door open. She glares at me when she gets out and slams the door so hard the car shakes. She stomps over and gets on the bus.

I hope to high heaven she actually gets off the bus once they get to school!

She has never had that big of a temper tantrum. I knew she could be a stubborn little snot but that was ridiculous. I called John at work and told him if she comes home with that attitude then he will be taking the other girls out by himself. And even if she does come home in a better mood I might just keep her home anyway.


Kimber said...

Is she feeling ok? That is just so extreme. I hope she has a better attitude this afternoon.

Jen said...

She gets ideas in her head and will not let them go. I hope she does too. I don't really want to put up with her if she doesn't.