Sunday, August 17, 2008

Randomness & Camera Critters

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week of august 17: pet peeves
we all have things that annoy us, so this week vent them!
what really annoys you,
makes you wanna rip your hair out and scream?!
limit 3 please :P
name your top 3 pet peeves:

till next time...

Pet Peeves....hmmmm and I can chose only 3??

Probably the biggest one is rude people. Working in a restaurant I deal with rude people all the time. In the last few months we have had 3 or 4 of our TV's stop working. And being a Sports Bar we moved all the remaining tv's from the dining room side to the bar side. Yesterday I had this family come in. A couple and their 3 kids. I sat them in the dining room and the guy is looking around and asks what happened to the tv's. When I told him he started grilling me on what happened to them and why the rest were moved out of the dining room. Finally he looks pissed and says "Well that's why I came here". I said, once again, there were televisions in the bar and they were more then welcome to sit in there. He looked disgusted and said "I don't want the kids to sit in a BAR with all the smoking." I told him there is no smoking allowed in the building. He brightened up for about a fraction of a nanosecond then said "But there's no booths." I replied there are booths but not big enough for 5. He just replied "Fine. I guess we'll sit here then".

Geez Dude. Sorry there is no tv for you to watch. Sorry to make you have to actually pay attention and have a conversation with your wife and children!

The ultimate rudeness though would have to be last Sunday. A couple and their daughter came in. The daughter was probably 18 or 19. The 2 women come in and start to head right for the patio. Totally ignoring the "Please Wait To Be Seated" sign they just passed. Kelly, the other host, asks if they need menus. The mom says yes. Kelly works her way to in front of them to lead them outside. On the way the mom is saying how they want a table in the shade and do we have any in the shade with an umbrella maybe. Kelly explained we have no umbrellas (they kept turning into helicopters in the slightest wind) and at that time of day there wasn't much shade left.

The mom sighed and out they went. There was a table that was in partial shade so they decided to sit there. While Kelly was telling me this the dad walked by on his way out to join them. No sooner was Kelly done telling me then all 3 of them came strolling into the dining room carrying their menus. They walk completely around the dining room, looked for a second like they were just going to sit themselves down in a closed section until they found an open booth in a corner. Kelly and I just watched them do their little parade and laughed. They sat and were looking at their menus, looking around the dining room. They were greeted by one of our better servers. 5 minutes later they just walked out. The mother walking with her nose actually in the air a little bit.

Unbelievable! However he exit wasn't so grand. I went over to reset the table and get the menus they left and found the mom had left her sunglasses. As I got back to the host stand in front I showed them to Kelly and she laughed. Then the mom walked back in and I just handed them to her. She did at least say thank you. Kelly told me I should have put finger prints all over them LOL.

#2 would have to be people eating with their mouths open. Sounds like cows chewing their cud to me. My husband has a problem doing this. I have actually left the room until he is done eating.

#3 Talking on your phone while driving.

Camera Critters

The turkey that ran through my yard yesterday.



Kimber said...

We have a couple pet peeves in common! LOL

Love the turkey. Did you catch it and have it for dinner?

Jen said...

Ber asked me the same thing LOL. It was a skinny little thing. Needed to be fattened up a bit.

Misty Dawn said...

LOVE the turkey! I saw three of them today, but didn't have my camera.

I totally agree with your pet peeves. And the chewing with mouth open actually disgusts me so much it turns my stomach and I can NOT eat.